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Blagofest #1: 24-part story the fourth

So, the month of August has rolled around, and I’ve been challenged to start writing proper-like again! So, this month I will be updating five days a week, doing fiction like I did in May. Here’s hoping I can make … Continue reading

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24 Hour Story: part 3

The sun was still well below the horizon when Lloyd backed his Ranger out of the apartment carpark. The rain shone in the headlights and made its usual drumming sounds on the car roof, but didn’t cause any inconvenience; Lloyd … Continue reading

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24 Hour Story: part 2

Gabriel Rojo. Lloyd shuddered. More than a few of his investigations had come up against a wall the moment that name got involved. The Rojos were one of the biggest drug gangs in Tretton – a family business, naturally – … Continue reading

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24 Hour Story: Part 1

Some mornings, you didn’t want to wake up. Maybe you had a late night or a long day beforehand – being dog tired would make anyone want to stay in bed. Maybe you’d been at the bottle hard enough that … Continue reading

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Comikaze 24 hour sympathy challenge!

So, not much writing has happened lately. This weekend will see a lot more, though! Ale and another friend of mine are doing the Comikaze 24 hour challenge over this long weekend, and I thought I’d join in. The basic … Continue reading

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