The first month.

Well, here I am. This is the start of me using this blog to test my writing resolve and capabilities. I intend to put up a minimum of 500 words a day for every day of this month. They don’t have to be especially lucid words, or even fiction – but I have to write them. They come with a few rules attached.

1) Every post must be written on the day. The point of this blog is not to increase the volume of my writing (although that is a bonus), but to increase the frequency. As such, I need to do something every day.

2) Going over 500 words in a post does not count as credit towards future posts. That’s not to say I want to do write everything to a specific target, but I don’t want to have any excuses for slacking off. If I go on a blitz and do two or three or four times as many words as I’ve set as a goal, then that’s nice – but it doesn’t earn me any wriggle room. If something looks so big that it has to be split over several posts, then I will wait and do the second part another day.

3) While I have to write every day, this blog doesn’t need to rule my life. Obviously, holidays can happen – and some days are just plain busy. While I will still hold myself to a requirement to write on those days, uploading to the blog is not immediately necessary. If I’m away from my computer or the internet or just don’t feel like wrangling with wordpress, then I’ll do it in hardcopy or textedit or whatever and upload it later. Readers may not know whether or not I’ve used this to skip a day, but I will, and I don’t plan to be forgiving.

So, let’s see how it works out.

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